25 Best Greek Yogurt Dips (+ Easy Recipes)

25 Best Greek Yogurt Dips (+ Easy Recipes)


You can’t beat one of these Greek yogurt dips if you’re looking for the perfect sauce for dipping veggies.

If you’ve never tried using Greek yogurt as a base for a dip, let me be the first to tell you: please do.

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Tzatziki Greek Yogurt Dip with Cucumber and Lemon

It allows you to achieve peak creaminess without packing tons of fat or calories.

It’s also the perfect substitute for sour cream and mayo without sacrificing a smooth, silky texture.

Treat your tastebuds and waistline right with one of these fantastic Greek yogurt dips.

If you’re someone who drizzles ranch over everything, you’ll appreciate this healthier version of the classic sauce.

Not only does this recipe save you in the calorie department, but it’s so easy to make.

All you need are a few simple ingredients to prepare this fantastic dip.

Can you believe it only takes 5 minutes to make this show-stopping dip?

If the time you’re short on time and need a quick appetizer, try whipping together this recipe.

You need a handful of pantry ingredients plus some chips or veggies to serve on the side.

Your palate will swoon over the smoky, savory flavors in every bite, making this one delicious dip you certainly won’t forget.

You’re in luck if you’re searching for that perfect, versatile sauce that goes with everything.

This Greek yogurt dip is insanely creamy with just the right amount of seasoning to keep things interesting.

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What better way to get the kids to eat raw veggies than to serve them a platter with this fantastic dip?

Have you ever gone to a Greek restaurant and thought, what is that fantastic sauce?

Let me introduce you to tzatziki, an ultra-creamy dip rich with tangy herbal flavors.

Best of all, you won’t believe how easy it is to make it yourself!

You only need a handful of simple ingredients to make your homemade tzatziki.

Yep, you read that correctly. You only need 2 minutes to make this fabulous avocado dip, guaranteed to make your mouth water.

All you have to do is squash some avocados, stir in some Greek yogurt, lime juice, garlic powder, salt, and voila!

You now have a tasty dip to pair with a bag of tortilla chips, tacos, or even sandwiches!

Did you know this delectable dip only uses two ingredients?

That’s right, and if you have Greek yogurt and pesto stocked in your fridge, you can make this fantastic recipe!

You’ll obsess over the fresh basil flavors mixed with creamy Greek yogurt.

Serve this refreshing dip with a side of grilled veggies, or slather it on a sandwich for a healthy spread.

After just one bite of this creamy dip, you might never repurchase store-bought!

This dip has a lot going for it; between the mayo, cream cheese, and Greek yogurt, you’re in for one creamy bite.

Best of all, you season this sauce with chili powder and green chili peppers to infuse a little heat into every mouthful.

You can’t beat the classic French onion dip!

It is full of tangy flavors of savory onion, and the creaminess is unparalleled.

Plus, you only need 5 minutes to whip up a batch of this tasty sauce.

Don’t miss this dip if you scoop some of this delectable sauce on a cracker or pair it with your favorite potato chips.

If you like fruit but wish it could be even sweeter, I’ve got the recipe for you!

This creamy fruit dip uses Greek yogurt to create a thick base without going overboard on calories.

You get your choice of three delicious flavors: chocolate, key lime, and almond butter.

If you’re having difficulty deciding which sounds better, join the club!

If you reach for the buffalo chicken during Friday night football parties, do yourself a favor and make this delectable recipe.

Between the creamy base, spicy hot sauce, and shredded chicken, this is one fantastic appetizer you’ll be thinking about all the time.

Plus, it’s much healthier than other variations, thanks to the smart swap of Greek yogurt in place of cream cheese.

You can whip up this 5-ingredient wonder in no time, making it the perfect recipe for an easy-peasy snack.

If you thought ranch dip couldn’t be gourmet, let this recipe change your mind.

You start with the classic ranch base full of those comforting, tangy flavors we all know and love.

Then you drizzle some homemade oil over the top, which you infuse with scallions, red pepper flakes, and cilantro.

Every bite unleashes an explosion of sizzling tastes on your palate, making you crave more immediately.

Do you find that your Taco Tuesdays are lacking pizazz? Then, allow this recipe to shake things up!

You’ll love slathering this lime yogurt sauce on tacos, fish, carne asada, basically anything that could use a little citrus flair.

This recipe is quick, simple, and tastes out of this world!

If you thought spinach dip was a waste of calories, think again!

This healthy version allows you to indulge in the delicious sauce without neglecting your diet.

This nutritious recipe is so tasty; every mouthful contains chopped walnuts, zingy herbs, and zesty lemon blended in a creamy sauce.

What’s not to love about that?

Say hello to your new favorite multi-purpose recipe.

I don’t think there’s anything this cilantro yogurt sauce can’t do.

Whether you’re slathering some on some salad, pasta, or meat, this sauce can do it all!

You’ll love the bright citrus and herbal flavors that taste like liquid sunshine in a bowl.

You’ll have a hard time believing this fantastic honey dijon dressing is healthy.

Rather than adding fattening mayo or sour cream, you can achieve peak creaminess by using Greek yogurt as a base.

There’s a winning combination of sweet, tangy flavors in every bite.

You can’t beat this simple spinach yogurt dip if you need a quick appetizer for unexpected guests.

In just 10 minutes, you can have this delicious, versatile snack on the table.

If you’re wondering why this dip is so amazing, you can thank the addition of dried mint for adding a tasty, complex flavor.

Using just six ingredients, you can have this stellar blue cheese drip ready in no time.

Whether you dunk some carrots into the creamy sauce or drizzle it on a salad, it’s a standout recipe.

If you’re looking for the perfect versatile sauce that makes everything better, meet your new favorite recipe.

Even the most minor drizzle of this aji sauce makes ordinary food taste incredible.

The spicy, tangy flavors make this one irresistible dip.

This recipe is for you if you need a quick sauce to help the kids eat their veggies.

All you need are a handful of pantry ingredients and 5 minutes to whip up a batch of this sensational dip.

Every dollop is creamy, tangy, and full of mouthwatering flavor.

No summer terrace party is complete without this fantastic mint yogurt sauce.

Between the bright citrus flavors and the creamy, tangy base, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more refreshing sauce.

Whether you drizzle it over shish kebabs or use it for pita-dipping, you can’t go wrong with this recipe.

To beat the heat, check out this fantastic cucumber raita.

It’s that perfect balance of fiery spices and cooling ingredients coming together to create something magical.

You’ll love the refreshing taste of cucumber blended with fresh herbs, zingy citrus, and creamy Greek yogurt.

I’m convinced that this whipped feta dip will make all your culinary dreams come true.

If you’re on the fence about this statement, I encourage you to try this recipe and tell me otherwise.

The rich feta cheese and garden-fresh herbs make this the perfect appetizer for summer.

If you’ve never tried creamy salsa, hold on to your seat and get ready to be taken on a flavor adventure.

You need four simple ingredients to create this magical dip: salsa, Greek yogurt, taco seasoning, and cilantro.

Together, these components create something that tastes magical.

Are you hosting a Super Bowl party but short on one more appetizer? Then, you can’t beat the simplicity of this 3-ingredient dip.

It would help if you combined Greek yogurt, pesto, and salt to create a delectable dip bursting with flavors.

Put your balcony herb garden to good use by making this garden-fresh dip.

Once you taste the bright, fresh herbs, you’ll instantly transport to a Springtime state of mind.

While this dip may go heavy on the ingredients, the final result is impressive.

Greek Yogurt Dips

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