8 International Universities Offering Undergraduate Scholarships

Studying at one of the top 250 universities in the world is a dream. But, looking king at one of the best universities and the generous scholarships offered by the institution itself… seems too good to be true. But it’s possible – and we’ve listed ten examples below to prove it.

There are opportunities in America, Europe, and Oceania. Scholarships range from tuition discounts to monthly living allowances, and the requirements are different for each institution. They are usually very dynamic processes, so… all the attention is little when filling out the application!


1 University of British Columbia

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Country: Canada
Program: International Tomorrow’s Leader Award presented by the University of British Columbia
Undergraduate scholarships for talented students from all over the world. The value of the award varies according to the student’s financial need and may cover 100% of tuition costs and living expenses in the country.

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2 Oxford University

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Country: England
Program: Reach Oxford Scholarships
Several schools within Oxford offer these scholarships to students from developing countries who, for political or financial reasons, or lack of educational facilities, cannot take a degree course in their home country. The scholarship covers all tuition fees, a monthly maintenance fee in the UK, and annual airfares to your home country.

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3 University College London

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Country: England
Program: Denys Holland Scholarship
This scholarship is intended for undergraduate students from any country who, without the scholarship, would not be able to finance their studies at UCL and demonstrate an intention to take advantage of all activities offered by the institution and the Student Union. The grant is worth £9,000 a year and can be used to cover annuity and maintenance in the country.

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4 Harvard University

Harvard University is the oldest and most prestigious American university, one of the oldest and best universities in the world, the largest university in the world in terms of area and equipment, and one of the eight universities in the Ivy League. It is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. It was founded by the Protestant priest John Harvard in 1636 to correspond to the universities of Cambridge and Oxford in Britain. [4] . The university is …

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5 The University of Stanford

Information The United States is the State of the United States CityCalifornia Competition degree high Graduations givenBachelor’s Master’s, Doctorate Master’s University fees high Research fields at universities research at universities. Type of university private university Advantages Special discounts HTML0The primary focus will be on what’s to come shortly. The HTML0 team is pleased to welcome …

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6 University of Cambridge

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7 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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* Bonus: Need-Blind Admissions

This term in English means, in literal translation, blind admissions to financial need. It refers to institutions with an official policy of not considering the candidate’s financial resources when deciding whether or not to accept the candidate. In some cases, this policy is accompanied by a “full-need” policy, which in effect means a promise that they will provide sufficient financial assistance to enable all accepted students to attend universities. There are currently six elite universities that promise this level of aid to international students:

– Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (MIT)
– Harvard  University
–  Princeton University
–  Yale University
– Amherst College 

As we can see, these are not “just” 5 universities, but 5 of the best institutions in the world. Yes, they are some of the most challenging institutions to be accepted into – but, once accepted, they will do everything possible for you to be able to study there, regardless of your nationality or financial situation.

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