Best Feta Cheese Ideas – Recipes With Feta Cheese

Best Feta Cheese Ideas – Recipes With Feta Cheese

Were you bored with your average breakfast? Is your lunch feeling lackluster? Are you looking for a simple way to jazz your dinners up, adding flavor and aesthetic appeal? Look no further than feta cheese. You can add it to nearly any dish, from soups to salads, breakfast to dinner, seafood to vegetables… it’s wildly adaptable while being broadly accessible and approachable (everyone from kids to adults will love whatever you put it in). Check out our 31 feta recipes to see how versatile this cheese can be.

What is feta? Feta (or “sliced” in Greek) is a crumbly soft cheese from Greece traditionally made from sheep’s milk. It’s often cut with goat’s milk and, in the United States, is sometimes made with cow’s milk, though this is inauthentic. You’ll know one from the other based on price (true sheep’s milk will be more expensive) and name (it’s most often found labeled Greek-style in the U.S.). Made similarly to other cheeses (from the curd separated from the whey), feta is unique in that it also gets brined in a salty liquid to give it its distinct tangy and rich flavor.

What kind should I buy? Like many pieces of cheese, several feta options are available at the store. Some popular options include marinated or plain and shredded or crumbled or in blocks. Which you should purchase depends on what you plan to do with it. Marinated is fun any time you add it to something more basic where the tangy cheese won’t compete with other ingredients, but plain is flavorful enough to do the job. We’re big supporters of always going fresh over pre-crumbled, but we also know that when tossing together green or grain salads, convenience sometimes wins out. The only time you don’t want to use pre-crumbled is when you want it to melt, like for our pizza dough khachapuri or our Greek feta dip (because pre-crumbled usually has anti-clumping additives).

What should I do with it? If you’re unfamiliar, we recommend making our TikTok-famous baked feta pasta or one of its offshoots, like our baked feta soup, baked feta eggs, or baked feta bites. It went viral for a reason! Otherwise, you can add feta to anything that needs a little flavor boost, from salads like our watermelon feta salad or crunch salad to appetizers like our feta walnut-stuffed mushrooms or our spinach puffs. Of course, because of its Greek origins, feta is particularly outstanding in any dish with Mediterranean flavors, like our Greek salmon or Greek salad, but honestly, anything goes.

Want more cheese inspiration? Check out our top mozzarella, goat cheese, and burrata recipes too.

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