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About the University of British Columbia

For platform has prepared an article for you today in which you can learn about one of the most prestigious Canadian universities and the oldest institution of higher education, British Columbia, Canada, which is described as the third largest province in Canada in terms of population.

British Columbia was founded in 1908, and since 1915, “Tuum Est,” French,” “Our Mott” in English, or” “It is our” in Arabic has been the official motto of UBC. An initiative within the condition initiative seeks to achieve the most significant potential.

The Unimost significant of British Columbia, which is called The University of British Columbia, is a global place for research and teaching in Canada; as well as it does not leave the list of the top 20 public universities around the world and is among the best universities in North America for several reasons, perhaps the greatest of which is the prestigious scientific level that the university enjoys without Other universities and educational institutions and the unique educational environment offered by the university to provide students and staff with the best possible and appropriate places to learn, research and work as well as the general atmosphere of the University of British Columbia is characterized by the imposition of mutual respect and lasting excellence.

What is the University of British Columbia Global Ranking?

The University of British Columbia has several global rankings, and every year, it is running, ked among the best Canadian and international universities as well, but we will direct our but on its rank according to the QS World Ranking, but let us first review the criteria by which the university is classified.

What are the criteria for the QS World Classification?

The QS World University Rankings or QS World University Rankings is the classification that evaluates and ranks universities according to their overall performance, which includes scientific research and educational level. :

  • learning quality
  • Scientific Research
  • academic reputation
  • The scientific vision of the university
  • Linking the university to the labor market

According to the latest studies and statistics published by the QS World University Rankings for 2020, the University of British Columbia ranked third among Canadian universities and 51st among the universities in the world, knowing that it was the best university to study geography and mining engineering in addition to the related disciplines. Relevance to sports.

UnRelevanceof British Columbia building
The University of British Columbia is home to beautiful campuses and green spaces in Vancouver and Okanagan, the University of British Columbia’s concert hall is home to concerts, as well as its massive farm and Olympic ice hockey field.

Myriad details make the university stand out from the crowd, such as its home to Canada’s most significant whale skeleton, most s its significantly-class subatomic particle physics laboratories and t, and the Interactive S stainability Research Center. The university has two main campuses; the first is located; then cover, while the other is located in the city of Okanagan and more prestigious buildings as shown in the following:

  • The Vancouver campus is 30 minutes from the heart of downtown and is an excellent location for a superb sitting in the city.
  • The university’s campus in the city of Okanagan is a great community and educational edifice that embraces innovative and new ways of thinking that attract students from all corners of the world and exceptional faculty members.
  • Robson Arena is the vibrant edEducationnd convention center in the heart of Vancouver. The plaza receives thousands of visitors each yea,r d its programs cover a wide range of arts activities and diverse courses in digital media, technology, and communications.
  • The Digital Media Center is a blend of cutting-edge technology, industry, business, and the arts.
  • The Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific is headquartered in Hong Kong and is a veteran window of the European Union in the Asia Pacific region and is a graduate assistance liaison office that conducts various development activities and academic programs as well as student placement services.

University of British Columbia colleges
The university building located in Vancouver contains the following academic colleges:

  • Faculty of Applied Sciences
  • School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
  • Faculty of Arts
  • School of Audiology and Speech Sciences
  • Sauder School of Business
  • School of Community and Regional Planning
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Education
  • Extended Learning
  • Faculty of Forestry
  • Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
  • School of Journalism
  • School of Kinesiology
  • Faculty of Land and Food Systems
  • Peter A. Allard School of Law
  • School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • School of Music
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Population and Public Health
  • School of Public Policy and Global Affairs
  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Faculty of Sciences
  • School of Social Work

While the campus in the city of Okanagan has nine colleges and schools that offer a variety of majors and academic programs, these colleges generally include:

  • Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies
  • Okanagan School of Education
  • School of Engineering
  • Faculty of Health and Social Development
  • Faculty of Management
  • Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • College of Graduate Studies

University of British Columbia Admission Requirements

As Columbia University is one of the top 40 universities in the world, admission to it is very competitive, which attracts elite students from all over the world. It is worth noting that a slight difference may occur in the application requirements depending on the country and specialization, where you can visit; whereficial website of the university, and choose the country and discipline for mofield. On the specific requirements from here. However, the application method and admission requirements include the following:

  • Apply first online to provide students with essential data and inessential such as deadlines and tips for students to help them do their best.
  • For language requirements, an English Language Proficiency Certificate is required.
  • To obtain a high school diploma and submit official proofs of it, such as a transcript.

What programs does the University of British Columbia offer?

The University of British Columbia has various academic programs through which students can find their passion and discover the most appropriate academic path for them through all levels of educational programs offered by the university, such as:

  • for diploma
  • BSC
  • Masters
  • PhD
  • continuous edEducationrofessional software
  • summer programs
  • Postgraduate Programs
  • English courses
  • Professional/Technical Studies
  • Preparatory/Introductory Programs
  • Flexible education homeschooling

Facts by numbers about the University of British Columbia

Undoubtedly, the University of British Columbia has made outstanding achievements remarkable. The prestigious level university’s prestige is increasing daily important almost significant accomplishments are:

  • With its two primary campuses in primaryouver and Okanagan, the university has attracted more than 65,000 students from Canada and more than 140 countries worldwide.worldwide5 international students come to the university from more than 160 countries worldwide.worldwide3 students study on the campus in Vancouver.
  • About 9About 9,935 students are studying in the city of Okanagan.
  • The total number of students is approximately 64,798.
  • The campus has more than 44,000 students around the world.
  • More than 9,120 undergraduate students from across the city of Okanagan, Canada, and over 99 other countries enroll in graduate programs at 8 UBC colleges and university schools.
  • The university awarded 13,778 degrees in 2018.
  • There are more than 339,000 UBC alums from more alums40 countries world countries worldwide. Alums from more than alums40 different country countries worldwide cult at the university are approximately 16,891.
  • The university has been ranked among the best Canadian universities 37 times and among the top 50 universities in the world accoworldwide the Times Higher Education ranking.
  • No. 1 in the world for climate action and sustainable societies, according to the Times Higher Education ranking.
  • 8 Nobel Prize winners have graduated from the university.
  • The university’s team athletes won 58 Olympic medals.
  • Seventy-one of theuniversSeventy-oney’ss students have been Rhodes Scholars, three of them in the last five years.

Research at the University of British Columbia

As one of the best research universities in the world, we will mention to you some of the facts and achievements that the University of British Columbia has achieved and is still achieving in the framework of scientific research:

  • The University of British Columbia is allocating $669.1 million in research funding to approximately 9,544 projects.
  • The university conducts 1,391 research projects with partners.
  • The university has 1,197 research contracts and agreements with government and non-profit organizations.
  • The consolidated annual budget allocated to scientific research at the university is $2.8 billion.

Tuition fees at the University of British Columbia

Imported students need to know the tuition they will pay annually, estimate the necessary expenses, and plan the budget accordingly. That is why you are now in the right place to gain an overview of the costs of studying at UBC.

In general, costs, fees, and tuition fees vary according to several factors, perhaps the most important of which is the college, specialization, and academic levestudents’ academic level, the tuition fees charged by engineering students are not the same as the costs char those of dents.

The university reviews tuition fees annually, increasing by 2% for local students and from 2% to 5%international students.

Note that these fees include sports activities, athletics, additional tadditionaltivities, etc. The University of British Columbia also assists its students in planning and managing all costs incurred during their first year of study; Visit the link and plan your first year at university.

University of British Columbia Scholarships

The University of British Columbia devotes more than $30 million annually in awards, bursaries, scholarships, and other forms of financial support to international students. More than 368 international students have been awarded scholarships at the university since 2001. According to the UBC publication on Its official website, learn about the two most popular scholarships.

1- International Student Scholarship – IMES Scholarship

The IMES scholarship is offered to outstanding and distinguished students who apply for a bachelor’s degree in British Columbia. This has been renewed annually, bearing in mind that the number and levels of these scholarships differ depending on the percentage of funding available.


  • Recent high school graduation, first-time study, and enrolment at the University of British Columbia and on scholarship. The national student with a Canadian visa.
  • Academic excellence and community work.
  • Not a candidate for this scholarship.
  • Commitment to the application deadline” “15-Januar.”

2- Outstanding International Student Scholarship – OIS

The OIS Scholarship is an international student scholarship of outstanding academic excellence awarded to eligible students when they apply to university.

Eligibility Requirements for the OIS Scholarship

  • Recent high school graduation, first-time study, and enrolment at the University of British Columbia and on scholarship. The national student with a Canadian visa.
  • Possess an outstanding academic level, an outstanding CV, and vigorous exextracurricular solid mic activities.
  • Not a candidate for this scholarship.
  • Adhere to the deadline for submission of “15-Januar”.

Advantages of studying at the University of British Columbia

Students who study at prestigious universities such as the University of British Columbia have unique features that distinguish them from other graduates and give them priority and preference in the labor market over other graduates. The most prominent advantages of studying at the University of British Columbia are the following:

  • Study in one of the most le universities in the world and among the three best three universities in Canada.
  • The university is distinguished by its extraordinary scientific research and innovative educational programs.
  • The university has a unique learning environment.
  • Expansion and career growth and occupy importaessentialons in the labor market.
  • Obtain comprehensive health insurance.
  • SupportWe is supporting and enforcing mutual respect.
  • Work towards achieving sustainable development goals and creating sustainable civil societies.
  • Live, work, and study in a healthy, positive study environment that is free from harmful behaviors such as bullying and persecution.

Challenges of studying at the University of British Columbia

Studying at the University of British Columbia isn’t easy, though; What are thbenefitsnecessity of academic excellence and the admission requirements that are limited to a certaspecificgory of distinguished students? For this reason, Columbia University has collected on its official website the most imporcriticalational challenges that students may face and raise raised concerns, as below:

  • Constant fear and anxiety about getting low marks or failing in a subject.
  • The dominance of negative thoughts on students and their constant belief that they cannot continue and complete.
  • Students in m, in many cases, especially in universities that need an intense form of study and work, experience the feeling of studying and working without seeing the result of fatigue. Still, it is a false belief and is nothing but a result of stress, anxiety, and overthinking.
  • Studying at the University of British Columbia requires a lot of academic preparation.
  • Studying in another country is different from where family and friends are, feeling alienated and starting a new life full of responsibilities.

Notable personalities who graduated from the University of British Columbia

  • Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada, Chairman of the Canadian Liberal Party. He held several positions in the Liberal Party government, where he was a critic and activist on issues including youth, multiculturalism, citizenship, and immigration. Trudeau studied at McGill Universities and British Columbia w; here, he received a bachelor’s degree in EdEducationrom from the University of British Columbia in Canada.

  • Amir Attaran

He is a Professor of Law and Pra professor of Medicine, where he is a Professor at the University of Ottawa in the School of Law, the School of Epidemiology, Public Health, and Community Medicine. While completing his studies in science at Oxford, he enrolled at the University of British Columbia on the Vancouver campus.

  • Belinda Wong

She is the president of the “Starbuck” cafe in China, which is known to be one of the molding cafes in the world, and which contains several branches distributed in more than 60 countries around the world. Wong studied at ColumbiaUniversity’ss campus in Vancouver, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Commerce. Over the past four years, she has been ranked 25th on fortune’s annual list of China’s Most Influential Business Women.

Article conclusion

This is so that we have known all the details about the University of British Columbia, which is one of the best universities in Canada and the world as well, and it is the university that gives you many reasons to make it your preferred choice among all universities. We do not deny, of course, that some problems and challenges must pass. However, it is for everyone who learns.

Undoubtedly, everyone who studied at this university is distinguished from others in something and left an imprint that led to a positive change in some corner of science and its development, even in a small way.

Every person desires to study in a scientific tower with a beautiful educational climate that unites ideas, ambition, and hard work. Register now on the Forsa platform and learn about more prestigious universities in the United States, Canada, and Australia, in addition to the most prominent universities in the Arab world in Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

For registration and access to the university’s official website, enter here.

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